A Mental Health Marketing Agency with a proven system for growing private practices working with therapists all over the world.

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Take the guesswork out of your online marketing. Our proven website framework and marketing system creates pathways for your clients to find you, building your case load – and for therapists to find you, allowing you to find the right talent to hire into your practice.

Starting the practice

Attract new clients by starting with the right foundations and story that helps you really resonate with your ideal client.

Growing your practice

Set up clear descriptions and incentives to recruit the best talent in your area to build your practice.

Thriving in practice

Annual revenue-based budget so you can always afford services, and strategy consultations to keep your growth in line with your vision.

Stage 1


Your entire online marketing system is only as good as the foundations you build on. In the first stage, we get your website and listings done right.

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Stage 2


With the right foundation in place, we start to build roads to your clients and therapist talent, offering them high-value content of your expertise.

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Stage 3


As your practice grows, we support you with a coordinated strategy to keep your team and your marketing on track.

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We help people who help people.

Mental Health Marketing specializes in helping therapists at all levels of business, in all practice areas.